When 2-year-old Cosmo, a 130 pounds St. Bernard, was dumped by his breeder at the “Hearts United For Animals” shelter in Auburn, Nebraska, the staff had no idea why such a faultless, gentle giant would be given up.



Cosmo ended up on the Shelter’s website, and captured the heart of a woman named Jayne. Jayne covered a great distance to find Cosmo. When shelter manager Kristy introduced Jayne to Cosmo for the first time, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

With wary steps, Cosmo arrived at his new home, but the poor pooch had no clue what it meant to be a beloved pet, as he had never stepped inside a home before. He just stared at the treats given to him, not knowing what to do with them.



Cosmo’s inner child leaped out when he met the household’s two kids though. Suddenly, he knew just how to have fun, as he rolled over for belly rubs with pleasure! Cosmo has a new adventure every day now, as he learns what it’s like to be a safe and loved pet!

Click the video below to watch Cosmo’s remarkable journey from being abandoned to finding the perfect home!