Dogs are born with a love for playing fetch. It’s a simple game but one that’s embedded in their soul. Toss the ball, they run to get it to bring it back to you, rinse and repeat. They never get tired of it, and their obsession grows and grows. And the dog in the video below has found a way to take the entire thing to a whole new level.

Yes, dogs are known for fetching and retrieving sticks. But Molly has one-upped the competition! While on a walk, she found the perfect “stick” and just had to bring it home. As the dog’s dragging it along, Mom starts recording it while trying to keep herself together.

Mom’s on the verge of tears as her dog attempts to drag this huge branch all the way home. “Are you impressed with yourself?” Mom asks Molly. I know I wouldn’t want to have to play fetch with this dog! 😀