Imagine missing your owner so much that when he dies, you dig a hole at his gravesite and nestle yourself inside it. That’s what everyone thought when a German Shepherd dog was discovered beneath a headstone at a cemetery in Serbia. The poor dog appeared to be so sad and alone until a good Samaritan decided to investigate further. What she discovered is that the dog wasn’t grieving at all.

The sweet dog dug a hole so that she could be closer to family– that family was her litter of puppies. While the photo of the dog went viral, it was discovered that she simply built herself a cozy den to whelp and care for her babies.

The kind-hearted person, Vesna Mihajloski, who has since passed away, took the dog and her pups home to take care of them.

Thanks to food, water, medical care, and a warm, loving home, both mama and babies began to thrive.

What a wonderful dog mom to keep her pups safe from harm, warm, and fed. This story proves that kindness matters and you never know when someone needs help…nor where.

We’ve got a major case of the warm and fuzzies, how about you?