When a dog is used to being the only one on the receiving end of his mom’s love, a new boyfriend can pose a problem. We’ve all heard of a jealous dog who won’t share his owner’s affections with a newcomer. But what happens when the dog is trying to make some moves on the new boyfriend?

Abby Schulte shared the most hilarious video on Twitter, and judging by the number of shares it received, dog lovers are enjoying her tweet.

Source: Abigail Schulte/YouTube

Abby and her boyfriend, Ethan, were hanging out at home when one of her dogs shared some romantic moves of his own.

Harvey, a Pit Bull mix who received his name after Hurricane Harvey as a rescue, shares his home with Bandit, a Border Collie mixed breed.

Source: Abigail Schulte/YouTube

The hilarious Harvey is seen cradled in Ethan’s arms, cuddling on his back. All of a sudden, the dog moves in for a big smooch!

He plants the biggest doggy kiss right on the guy’s face as if to say, “Hey, you’re cool dude, and we don’t need my mom!”

Source: @SchulteAbby/Twitter

Abby found the moment so funny that she captioned the video, “So my dog didn’t just make a move on my boyfriend?”

See for yourself in the adorable video below.