When Roger and Julie Gill purchased a farm in the country, they also adopted the family dog that lived on the property, a Great Pyrenees named McKayla. The previous owners moved into a city, and didn’t feel it was fair to remove McKayla from the farm.

She spent 12 years roaming the fields, herding animals, and enjoying the fresh air. The Gills happily adopted the pup, but didn’t realize the fluffy cloud would have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Source: FOX 59

As the family got to know McKayla, they realized she had an independent spirit. She would enjoy her time on the farm, wandering where she pleased. So, her new parents were happy to trust her with the responsibility of being off-leash.

But…they were always curious how she could sustain herself on the seemingly small amount of food she’d eat at home.

Then, everything became clear.

Source: FOX 59

Apparently, McKayla was playing the Gills like a fiddle! She was leading a double life — every day, she’d wander into the town next to the farm and would accept treats, scraps, and cuddles from people that passed her. She’d actually sit outside of a convenience store and “panhandle” for treats (very successfully, too).

It’s no wonder that she didn’t snack on much kibble at home!

Unfortunately, McKayla’s antics finally got her into trouble.

Source: FOX 59

One afternoon, a couple asked the clerk inside the store McKayla frequents if she had a family. The employee did tell the strangers that she just lived on the farm next door…but, soon enough, the pair lured the pup into their car.  The store clerk told them to stop, but when they refused, she alerted the authorities and McKayla’s family.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were able to track down the car thanks to an anonymous tip. When police questioned the family, they simply said they believed the dog was being neglected and needed a better home.

Source: FOX 59

Thankfully, once the dog-nappers realized that McKayla was just a free spirit begging for extra treats, they handed her over to the police who returned her home.

Source: FOX 59

The Gills were thrilled to have McKayla back (even if they did learn of her sneaky double life). In the future, her new family plans to find a way to let McKayla keep her freedom…but ensure that she is safely on the property.

Wandering off for a snack might be fun for the pup, but as this dog-napping fiasco proved, it’s not always the safest thing for a dog to do!