To predict the outcome of a fight between a wild predator like a leopard and a docile, domestic dog is very difficult. But if this video is anything to go by, this dog just managed to turn the tables on a leopard with the help of his steely resolve.



The events in this video happened during an animal safari in Rajasthan, India. A couple of safari tourists notice a dog resting comfortably, when, all of a sudden, a leopard ambushes him with a tactical pounce.

The poor dog is shocked and scared beyond his wits, as he knows that a physical fight won’t work in his favor. So, he uses a tactic that ends up saving his life – he just barks away with all his might.



The leopard is instantly startled at the shrill sound of the continuous barks. She just stands still, and stares at the dog with a clueless face, wondering what would be the best way to combat this strange prey.



After a while, the leopard is clearly annoyed and just gives up. You’ll have to see her precious, puzzled face, as she meows her way into the wilderness like a tame cat. But the dog is not done. He barks on, until you can only hear faint “meows”, indicating the leopard has accepted a rare defeat!

Click the video below to watch the video of the ferocious leopard being scared by the barking dog!