“My dog does not get off anymore from the usual things he used to love like playing, hiking, and treats. It was my husband’s idea to put him on that trampoline so we could shoot a funny video and try to make it go viral on YouTube or something, you know?” owner Janet explains.

She continues: “At first my dog was hesitant and even a tiny bit scared, but once he got a taste of it, he couldn’t stop. Remember that one Community episode where Troy and Abed discovered a trampoline behind the school? They loved jumping so much, they felt like they were in a trance? This is exactly like that, but it’s every day! All day and all night. In the sun and in the rain. It’s frustrating! At first we thought it was cute, you could even hear me egging him on that video. But he needs to stop. Please, Boxie just come home to your family. We miss you!”

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