How would you feel if you were reunited with your lost lost companion after three years?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to this man and his best friend in Tbilis, Georgia.

After three long, heartbreaking years of searching for his dog that went missing without a trace, the man finally received the call of his life. The caller informed him that a stray matching his lost dog’s description may have been sighted in town. After having scouted the area on a bus, he spotted something on the sidewalk that looked rather familiar.

Source: Viral Hog / YouTube

He jogged up with haste and to his amazement, there he was, curled up at a base of a tree fast asleep — and all alone. After calling out his name, a very shocked and excited pooch let out an enormous cry of joy that lasted several minutes.

The two pair continued to embrace whilst they let out three years of emotional heartache and pain.

Source: Viral Hog / YouTube

Three years may have passed but the bond is just as strong as it ever was. At long last the two best friends can live the rest of their lives together.