We often come to the internet to escape everyday stress. Fun stories and videos depicting cats and dogs doing silly things are our go-to for entertainment. However, we need these stories too. Not to bring us down, but to keep our pets safe and healthy. Sadly, for one dog owner, this story is her reality.

Christina Young recently said goodbye to her four-legged best friend, Petey, after a tragic mistake claimed his life. She wants other pet owners to know that this was 100% preventable, and for most of us, “this mistake” has already happened in our homes.

Young came home one day to what she thought would be her dog, happily wagging his tail at the door, ready for a game of fetch. Instead, she came home to a quiet house and her somber boyfriend, Christian, breaking devastating news. Young posted this on her Facebook page:

Young couldn’t understand how this could happen. Why didn’t Petey pull the bag off of his head with his paws? He was extremely smart and agile. So, she did research of her own and found information that NO ONE ever talks about. Young wants to spread the word so pet owners know the dangers of leaving potato chip, popcorn, cereal, bread and even dog treat bags lying around. They can pose a serious threat to our beloved animals.

What’s even more shocking is that pet parents have no idea. No one talks about the dangers of these everyday food items and by the time many of these pet parents realize the hazards, it’s too late!

Both Young and her boyfriend Christian, want to spread awareness so one good thing can come out of this tragedy, so that others don’t have to suffer the same fate.

In honor of Petey and his grieving parents, please share this story to protect other pets and pet parents from this hidden danger.