Everyone has moments when we are scared out of our wits, but we still need to buckle-up and face our fears. A Yorkie named Lucky faced a similar dilemma in this funny footage captured by the home surveillance camera.


Source: Animal Antics/YouTube


The couple in this video is on their patio looking for a table, when they suddenly spot a spooky little frog staring back at them with sinister eyes. The jumpy couple is scared out of their wits, and sprint in a hilarious manner out of the patio and to a place of safety.

Lucky is quick to catch on to what his owners are feeling. He panics too then follows the footsteps of his parents in an almost cartoonish manner. However, in all this commotion, Lucky forgets his favorite Santa Claus chew toy on the patio. He is petrified, but he still wants his toy back.


Source: Animal Antics/YouTube


In a moment when Lucky should have solely focused on his own safety, he makes a quick return to grab his favorite toy! Clearly, Lucky has his priorities sorted. He couldn’t have left his favorite toy out in the unknown now, could he? Now we know why this hilarious video went viral!

Click the video below to watch Lucky’s hilarious run as he tries to retrieve his toy!