How lucky is this pooch??? As if it’s not awesome enough that we get to watch this dog playing in an absolutely epic backyard, look what’s waiting for him! Spaz has everything he needs to deserve that name. His private playground seems to include a bunch of human friends, a hot tub, trampoline, rock-climbing wall, slide and playhouse. Jeez… we want some of that!

And to make us even more jealous, his family went and covered the trampoline with water balloons! Can we pause for a moment to recognize that this family really knows how to take care of its pets?

Spaz being Spaz, the dog naturally does a flying leap from his playhouse and right into the midst of his water-filled surprise. And then he goes completely bonkers. Actually, first he looks like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. It’s like Christmas came twice. But then it’s all about biting his way through his surprise as quickly as possible. And we wish we were there!

We’re already envious of all those dog jumping on trampoline videos. We’ve even seen dogs have fun with water balloons. But a dog playing on a trampoline WITH water balloons?? That’s an almost unfair amount of fun! We want to play too!