Imagine your dog’s DNA being placed on file in order to help identify his poop. It might sound funny, but this is a true story happening in one Long Island community.

People living at the Reserve at the Boulevard in Yaphank will be required to register their canine’s DNA with the management office.

Source: ABC7NY

The reason for this bold move has to do with dog waste being left behind, and irresponsible dog owners not scooping it up.

One of the local residents, Shari Franco, told ABC 7 News, “I have three kids that like to go out and play, they play a lot of sports. I have a dog and I don’t like to step in dog poop. And my kids don’t like to fall on it.”

Management claims that un-scooped dog waste has become a concern for the community. For those who do not register a dog, a fine of $150 will be imposed.

Source: ABC7NY

Offenders whose poop is tested and matched to a dog in the DNA registry will receive a $200 fine.

One woman feels putting a camera up will solve the problem. No matter what happens, something definitely “stinks” in this community.