Llona Linarte was anchoring a live Russian television broadcast when she received a visit from an unexpected guest.

As she was reporting the news, a loud bark almost startled her right off her chair. She tried to ignore what was going on to continue reading her script, but then the barks continued.

Мир 24/YouTube

She looked down and saw a big dog who had somehow managed to find his way onto the set.

But barking wasn’t enough for this pup – he definitely wanted his five seconds of fame. He then jumped right up onto the anchor’s desk and totally stole the show!

Мир 24/YouTube

“I actually prefer cats. I’m a cat lady,” Linarte said in Russian, which was obvious from her dismayed facial expressions.

While she may like cats better, this adorable doggo did manage to get a pat and a little hug from the anchor.

Мир 24/YouTube

It’s unknown why this dog was in the studio in the first place, but we do think he would make a great co-anchor! What do you think?

Watch this hilarious moment for yourself in the video below: