Most often, if you spot a dog aboard a commercial airplane, it’ll be a service dog flying next to their owner. But one woman recently spotted quite the lucky pup in the most unusual spot, making her flight one she’d never forget.

Facebook: April Easterwood Thornton / Facebook

Recently, April Easterwood Thornton caught a flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Newark, New Jersey. As Thorton bordered her plane and set off to find her seat in economy, something caught her eye in the first class cabin. She had locked eyes with a beady-eyed Spaniel curled up in her very own spacious first class seat.

“Felt a little judged walking past this gal,” said Thornoton in her post on Facebook.

This furry diva was living the high life, enjoying all the luxuries that came with first class in style.

But the luxurious treatment wasn’t over yet. Upon landing in Newark airport, Thornton headed to baggage claim where she bumped into the Spaniel one last time. To her amusement, there on the carousel tumbled out a custom made suitcase with a very familiar looking face.

Facebook: April Easterwood Thornton / Facebook

When proud owner claimed it, suddenly it made total sense why this lucky pooch had her own seat in first class.

That is definitely one incredible way to spoil man’s best friend!