Some dogs wrap their love around our hearts and never let go. Bliss is one of those dogs. The two-year-old pooch was relinquished to an extremely high kill animal shelter in Texas because of an extremely rare skull tumor. Poor Bliss sat in her kennel scared and unaware of what was happening.

In a stroke of good luck, the Friends of Emma rescue group swooped in and took care of this innocent pooch. They describe Bliss as being out of the shelter, safe, and “receiving comfort care” as they await funding. What began as a hospice case turned into a treatment situation once a more in-depth medical assessment of Bliss was made.

The founder and rescuer with Friends of Emma, Elizabeth Hart, reached out to a veterinary cancer surgeon in Ontario, Canada. Thanks to a series of medical images, the kind surgeon offered potential solutions to help Bliss regain her life. She must have removal of the majority of her skull and there will be an impact on facial bones. Through the magic of 3D technology, Bliss will have a printed porous polyethylene implant made and implanted. We truly live in a digital world!

A 70+ hour road trip is being planned so that Bliss can get the care and surgical interventions required. The ultimate goal is recovery, rehabilitation, and a forever home for this docile dog who wants nothing more than a loving family to call her own. Thank goodness for caring dog lovers and rescuers who are helping her with a second chance at a happy ending. Here’s a video of the sweet dog when she first arrived at the high-kill shelter.


Feature image courtesy of Friends Of Emma/Facebook