If you’ve ever spent a winter afternoon making a snowman, you know how much fun it can be. The worst thing that can happen to a fresh snowman is for someone to come along and knock it down. Keep all your snowmen away from Stella the dog because she destroys the winter creations faster than you can say “arctic blast.”

The dog hails from Maine, and her family loves to capture the exact moment when Stella gets hold of the snowmen.

Source: Instagram/dognamedstella

“What a great weekend. Did some errands, played with the kids, Stella killed a snowman. Just really great,” an update on the Instagram account, Dog Named Stella, reads.

Source: Instagram/dognamedstella

If you need a snowman tackled, just ask Stella to stop by because her favorite technique is hysterical. She seems to topple the head off or do a full body tackle on the snowmen in her backyard. We aren’t sure why Stella is so opposed to them, but she sure has a lot of fun making them disappear.

Watch Stella’s antics for yourself in the funny video below.