Marley, a pregnant dog, was hit by a car in Muscoy, California, and was left on the side of the road to die.

She laid there in agony, not knowing if anyone would help her, but she wasn’t alone. Her doggy friend Murphy refused to leave Marley’s side until someone decided to stop.

Hours went by and cars continued to drive past them without stopping. Marley’s chances of being rescued seemed grim.

Eventually someone who noticed them and immediately contacted Faith Easdale at Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

When rescuers arrived, Marley was in distress and pain and was breathing heavily. They were unsure if she’d even make it, but they were willing to try their best.

They lifted her into their car, and her protector Murphy remained by her side, even during their car ride. He snuggled up close to her to comfort her and let her know that she would be okay.

Unfortunately, Marley needed surgery for a fracture in her back leg and her front leg elbow joint which was shattered.

After giving Marley an x-ray, vets discovered that not only were they saving one life, but eleven! Marley was was pregnant with ten puppies!

Murphy eventually found a loving forever home. Thankfully, Marley fully recovered, and she and her puppies went to live with a foster before finding a home.