When 80 inches of snow fell on the community of Durango, Colorado, one dog found himself in quite the predicament. The huge amount of snow practically swallowed up a dog who tried to relieve himself in the white, powdery stuff.

Durango resident John Mace watched as his neighbor’s dog got trapped in the snow. The dog’s head peeked out helplessly, so Mace sent his bigger dog, Kona, out for some rescue work.

Source: YouTube

Kona is easily seen in the snow, as her coat is jet black. She barrels through the heavy piles like a reindeer, pushing snow aside as she gets closer and closer to her friend.

Once Kona reaches her pal, there are a few moments of wags and licks, then it’s back to business.

Source: YouTube

Through his laughter, Mace calls for Kona to come back, thus creating a nice path for the neighbor’s dog. Apparently,  the smaller dog is not even a year old and this was the pup’s first winter. Thank goodness Kona used her snow blowing skills to create a path to safety.

Watch the heroic rescue in the video below.