It’s very easy for people to become distracted today, especially since the majority of people own smartphones with the world of social media right at their fingertips whenever they want.

This could make it even harder for students to focus while doing their homework, as they’ll want to keep taking a break to check their phones.

But one father in Guiyang City, China, thought of a genius way to keep his distracted daughter focused while doing her homework.

He trained his dog to ‘supervise’ her as she does her work, to make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone.

The well-trained doggy, named Mongrel, joined the family in 2016 when he was just a puppy, and shares a special bond with the daughter.

In the video below, you’ll see the big fluffy pup standing upright with his two front paws on the table, closely watching the girl’s every move.

I think I’d get more distracted by the adorable doggo than I would by my phone!