Unlike humans, dogs are unable to suck in water directly to their throats. While on the surface it may look like a dog simply scoops up water with his tongue like a ladle, the actual science behind a dog’s drinking mechanism is slightly more complicated.


Source: Alex Boyle/YouTube


This close-up video of a dog drinking water clearly shows that much of the scooped up water never reaches the dog’s mouth. In fact, it is the physics of fluid dynamics and a little bit of clever timing that comes into play when a dog plunges his tongue in the water.

As the dog laps away at the water with his tongue, the power of his tongue combined with surface tension causes the water to spurt upwards. The dog’s trick is to shut the jaws around the splash at the right moment to ensure maximum intake of water. So, it is basically a series of laps and gulps on repeat!


Source: Alex Boyle/YouTube


Dogs might seem to be messy drinkers, but this technique is actually quite efficient, as it ensures that their thirst is quenched effectively. Watch this enchanting video with the volume turned up and be prepared to be mesmerized!

Click the video below to watch how a dog uses his tongue with the perfect momentum to quench his thirst!

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