Friendship knows no species, but it’s not often that a dog and cat get along extremely well.

Many of them will tolerate each other, but it’s not every day you see a dog and cat who are inseparable to the point where they cuddle together.

But Maggi the dog and Pumpkin the cat are like two peas in a pod and their owner, Jordan Ireland, is out to prove it. She posted an adorable video on Twitter with the caption “Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??,” which quickly went viral with more than 12 million views.

The video shows Maggi gently stroke a sleeping Pumpkin with her paw. Pumpkin then gets up and seems to hug Maggi by putting her arm around her, and Maggi shows love back by tilting her head onto her. The affection and gentle embrace show these two will be friends furever!


More than 7,000 Twitter users responded to the heartwarming video, many of them sharing pictures of their own dog and cat friendships. People also shared videos of their cats licking their dogs and vice versa. Maybe pups and kitties could be best friends after all!


Watch the sweet video below: