For centuries, fireworks have been a form of entertainment. All across the globe, fireworks are used to celebrate an array of monumental events. But we all know that dogs aren’t so fond of their thunderous sounds. In fact, dogs will exhibit such heightened fear that they will do things completely out of character to avoid fireworks, even running away from home.

That is why this story is so special. During the traditional Las Calendas festival in Oaxaca, Mexico, a stray dog not only wasn’t frightened of the firework show put on by a beautiful dancing woman, he was so enthralled with it that he wanted to participate in the festival by dancing alongside her.

Source: Viral Press

This video was taken by onlookers, who of course appreciated the dancer, but couldn’t take their eyes off the dog.

The day-long festival, accompanied by colorful costumes and happy participants, went on into the night where performers took to the streets in droves. No one expected this happy fella to make an appearance and steal the spotlight, but we can promise no one was disappointed.

Source: Viral Press

The dancer carries a basket upon her head filled with fireworks and as she spins, the fireworks erupt into a magical scene. It’s a captivating spectacle for sure but all eyes are on the adorable dog as he mimics the dancer’s footwork. What a show! Don’t deprive yourself! Press play on the video below and be prepared to be blown away by a street dog who loves the spotlight!