Being away from our pets is NO fun at all. Even when we have to go to work and it’s pretty routine. Man, I know I miss my babies so much! The hardest part is when they miss us too.

They look for us, sniff our spot on the bed, linger by the door. My dog stands up (she’s only 15 pounds!) and stretches her entire body so she can see out the window. Even though it’s not comfortable for her one bit, she doesn’t care. She wants to be the first one to see me so she can alert the household of my return. Their LOVE is like no other!

For Stanley, being away from mom is torture! So dad decides to give mom a call so “their son” can say “hi.” What ensues is absolutely ADORABLE! Mom just got the best treat of her day.

This Airedale cannot wait for mom to walk through the door. I bet he “counts down the minutes” on both paws! Do you have a pet that misses you? Does he or she wait by the door for you to return? Tell us your story in the comment section. Feel free to include a photo. Max loves to see what his fans and followers are up to!

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