McKayla is a large Great Pyrenees who has spent the entire 12 years of her life as a reliable and protective farm dog in West Newton. When the farm passed on to new owners Roger and Julie Gill, they felt quite relieved to see McKayla always barking and guarding the property.


Source: Julie Gill/Facebook


One day, McKayla went missing out of the blue. The Gills were worried sick, as they knew that McKayla never knew a life outside of the farm. They were scared that she was in some grave danger. The anxious Gills contacted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police. But what the investigations revealed was beyond anything they had ever expected!

As it turns out, McKayla has been regularly walking miles to visit a city store every day. In fact, McKayla is quite popular at the store. The store regulars, who are a part of her social circle now, always give her food and pet her. McKayla has been doing it for years but her owners had no clue about it!



Source: FOX59 News | Julie Gill/Facebook

While the Gills were now able to put together why McKayla would always eat so less, the more pressing issue was that she was still missing. The cops then combed through the surveillance footage of the store and found a woman who lured McKayla away.

After a thorough search, the alleged “dognapper” was found. She reasoned that she took McKayla away only because she seemed “neglected”. The Gills have decided to not press charges after getting McKayla back! We’re glad McKayla is safe!

Click the video below to watch McKayla’s surprising double life coming to light!