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Lexi is a 6 years Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix. She is high energy and smart. She learns quickly if she wants to and acts clueless if she is not interested. She is loyal and devoted and follows me everywhere!


Star is a sweet, smart little Shih Tzu with a definite mind of her own. We're often able to read her little mind because she's quite good at conveying what she needs us to know. We also have her pup from her first and only litter, and she and Bella, her daughter, have no problem reading each other's minds. Last but not least, we have Munchkin, who is just a smaller version of the other two, with lots of spunk. All three of our Shih Tzu's add so much joy and happiness to our lives.


She is a rescue baby. The most lovable 85 lb lap dog. She loves to lay on my husband in the recliner and take a nap with her head on his shoulder.


Ginger is my 10 year old Therapeutic Paws of Canada Dog. She visits at two public schools in the Paws To Read program and Toronto Sick Kids. She truly brings joy to everyone.


Elliot is 7 months old with a Big personality, he is so cute with a big bad attitude, loves outside & kisses great addition to our family.❤️


He was born malformed, no voice box, jaw underdeveloped, front fee point out, back feet pigeon toed. But he doesn't know he has problems.


Izzie is the busiest girl we know! She’s always protecting her family, even while she’s taking a swim in the pool.


Summer is a 6 month old puppy who loves treats and attention. Preferably at the same time.


He is a very lovable dog/pig ????/ ????
He love to play ball, I mean any sport that has to do with a ball ⚾️ He is my daughters best friend an will always be loved ❤️


My pit / lab is awesome has always been there for me with all my medical problems . She is such a loving dog and likes everyone. We are there for each other.


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