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Macon is my fifteen year old baby. I love her more than I can tell you. She's deaf now, but I swear she reads my lips. She gives me kisses all the time.


As his name suggests,he is a spirited character who loves to run and fetch and bark as well as being a lovable,huggable joy who loves to cuddle.


Barney is a rescue from Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama & he is the sweetest, funniest baby boy there is!


Pippa is very affectionate. She loves lots of attention.

Zoe and ziggy

They are the best


Timber is my 4 mth old new puppy. He is a fire ball of energy. He is very smart and learning new trick all the time. Loves to go riding with me. I just love him so much and he never misses a chance for kisses and paw shackles. He definitely has filled the empty spot left in my heart from the passing of my other two boys Waylon, and Jingles


Cody is a mommas boy. He is an old soul and has been since we rescued him at 10 weeks, hr is happy laying in the sun and in the couch.


Please say, 'hello' to Buddy, posted by his dad, Tomas Guerrero‎ and we quote 'I love my dog Buddy'.


Please say, 'hello' to Ivy, posted by her mom, Karen Hobbs‎‎ and we quote 'Ivy is the photo hound. Greyhound rescue. What a 2yo joy????'

~I Love My Dog


Please say, 'hello' to Maggie, posted by her mom, Evelyn Salamone‎ and we quote 'This is Maggie she is 7yrs old and the love of our lives! She just came from the groomers!' :)

~ ‘I Love My Dog’ Team


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