Dog of the Day Submissions Gallery


He is a big lap dog and loves giving kisses with a huge tongue
Loves laying across my lap has 3 other boxers he lives with and they all live to swim in our lake


He has a strong will to live! He is most protective over me, never leaving me. Follows me everywhere I go.


BoBo is 12 weeks old and is our newest little fluffy bundle of love ????❤️


Such an awesome puppy! He’s always on the move and is spunky!!


The best!


This is my rescue Bear. We adopted each other two years ago from CMHS. This is his favorite place to sleep. On a cedar chest on his quilt!


Buster is our 15 year old Male Yorkie! We got him a couple of weeks after our 14 year old Yorkie Boomer passed away on Christmas morning. He comforted us and became our baby! He is getting to be an old man now, but can still chase squirrels in our back yard!!



She is four months out of Amputation and doing great!

Cricket Louise

Cricket Louise lost her right front leg to cancer. But she is full of love and hops around like a baby kangaroo!


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