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Charlotte is a sweet, sweet dog, wonderful company, and a crazy, wild beast! I call her untrainable, but that may just be me... I love her to pieces! People told me that by the time she turned 3 she would calm down; she just turned 4 and I’m still waiting!


He is funny, active, always ready for a walk or a chew bone and he loves little dogs!


Dobby is a 4 month old chihuahua with lots of spunk when you get to know him but really shy when you first meet him


Very loving and enjoys roaming around me smart and aggressive towards unknown people.


She is a very happy dog she loves people and some dogs she is 9 and still active. She love to play ball.

Coco & Chanel

These sisters are overloaded with cuteness. These pups bring so much happiness to our broken hearts since the passing of our dog. They are smart & will be great emotional support pups. They are double trouble & bring smiles to our faces daily.


My love of my life. Dexter will be 14 in May and is the most handsome and smart pup I know. Lol

Zoe and Zander

Both are rescues. Zoe, the little one, I got at two years old and she didn’t have anhappy two years. Zander I got at 8 weeks so his life was much happier. I adore them both even when they are crazy!


Loves sun and cool weather

Sadie may

She is so sweet, she loves everyone and loves playing with other animals she is very smart, her feelings get hurt real easy.


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