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Carlos loves people and love to play!


I only had the pleaseue of having Courtney I. My life for 10 years. She was the smartest and most personable little girl I ever had in my family. She was sweet, kind, beautiful, personable, very smart and lived everyone. We lost our little girl too early. She was 10. She began having seizures and had a brain tumor. I did not let her suffer. I miss her terribly. She is at the rainbow bridge now.

Sox Saber

He rescued me 6 years ago when his keeper was going to put him down because she didn't understand how special he is.he has traveled all over the United States,he loves the beach and always loved to greet everyone he passes.He is my best friend


Spoiled rotten. Great little dog.....guards the house and yard as if he was a Big German Shepherd!


Bright Personalty
Spoiled & a Daddy’s Girl


My Sookie...she is the daughter of 2 of my rescues. She is 3 years old and is already a cancer survivor! She was diagnosed with cancer in August and with surgery, my veterinarian was able to remove the cancer mass. She is my world. I almost lost my baby. The picture I am attaching is her 48 hours after her surgery


Big fun he thinks he is a chihuahua as all of our other dogs are chihuahuas.


He loves to mush w his family n puts a smile on our faces w his goofy antics

Daisy K

She is my crazy Daisy! She has a very unique personality. She thonks shes little and likes to sit on your lap.

Ollie Rocks

Ollie is a well trained spoilt brat! He's clever, funny and just wants to be cuddled. He loves trick training, treats and snuggles under a blanket. He comes to work with me everyday and we have lots of mini adventures together.


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