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Silly, sassy smart bundle of energy! Loves to go on outings with Mom.

Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy likes drooling, eating Legos, lounging and listening to Salsa music. She loves all things that sqeak & crinkle. She’s a real go getter!


Jake is half doxen and terrier. He loves peppermints and likes his squeaky toys.


Max is 9 years old. He is the sweetest dog. He loves his mommy so much., He loves to chase his balls and loves his toys,


COOPER is my ESA baby.. he's very intelligent and loves to wear outfits and hats! He just makes life all worth it.


Happy, beautiful inside and out.

Moirah Raine

She's a hoot. She loves to play with ropes and tires. She loves children and all kinds of animals. She's got a lot of energy and is fast as a bullet. It's hard to find other puppies that can outrun her speedy self.Shes all bark no bite with one brown eye one blue and the sweetest deep you could meet.


She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had, sweet, sensitive and my best friend and protector. She’s just amazing and at 10, she’s got every other dog beat. So full of energy.


Gracie is an Alpha Female. She is the best pet we've ever had. She's intelligent & fun loving. But she will try you to see how much she can get away with. Love her with all my heart ❤️ i


She is s sweet heart. Very protective.


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