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Mayzie was rescued, brought to NY, and adopted by friends of mine. They soon moved out of state and left her to me, about 4 years ago. She is probably close to 9. Sweet, smart hound dog who didnt get many social opportunities until I adopted her. She has friends (human and canine!) all over the neighborhood. Active and fun -loving! She's my girl!


Chief is one of a kind! He is so well mannered. He doesn’t bark at people but loves to jump up and greet new visitors. He entertains us with his goofy expressions and loves to cuddle! When mommy leaves he loves to steal her shoes or clothes and sleeps with them in his bed! Chief is such a JOyYFUL part of our family! We love him SO much! ❤️


I lost my rescued saint 2 years prior to getting Stormy. I told myself I would never gave another large dog. Until I looked into her eyes and I saw the soul of Chance my saint. She’s here with me now with my big boy Chance still starring back at me through Stormy. My loves...


Chichi is the sweetest, most loveable dog I have ever had. She is like my shadow. Always with me.



We love Olive so much. She loves long walks, barking at and chasing after leaves, and playing with her friends. Olive especially loves snuggles.


Frankie is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She is 7 lbs of pure joy. She is great with kids and goes into a dance frenzie when my grandchildren come over. She is also my shadow. Frankie loves to play and would go for hours if I had the energy. But she does very well in keeping herself entertained when I am busy. I am retired and get to spoil her to bits. I have had many dogs and have loved them all, but I have fallen head over heals in love with the Pomeranian breed. I would have a dozen if I could. In conclusion, Pomeranians rock and Frankie is my Little Rock Star.


She is a big kisser , loves to eat and sleeps , snores like creazy, she is very exited every morning gets up so happy to be alive , playful , smart and easy to train very obidient , loves to play and run with her sister


This is Lillie ❤️ When the rescue foundation put her in my arms I cried like a baby. She is so loving and sweet. She loves to go for rides in the car and her little body curls behind my neck❤️

Atlas “Buck”

Atlas is my special needs baby. He’s a bit OCD but it’s manageable. he’s afraid of everything. But gets so excited when I get home. he and Max are close in age and can be found side by side a lot.


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