Christmas is right around the corner which means it’s time to put up your lights, decorate your tree, and take pictures with Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick!

But apparently Santa Claus isn’t the only Santa in town. Meet Santa Paws! While Santa Claus is a classic, it’s safe to say that Santa Paws is much cuter.

Youtube/Nootka Street

This adorable little Boston Terrier, named Five, is dressed up in a Santa outfit, dawning ribbons around his neck to imitate a beard.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to dress up as Santa and take a jolly ride on a Roomba while blasting ‘Donde Esta Santa Claus’ by Augie Rios?

In all seriousness, the pup seems less than thrilled as he sits atop the Roomba, riding around the room. But it sure does make for a hilarious video to help get everyone else in the Christmas spirit as well!

And just a thought – if little kids believe in Santa Claus, does that mean puppies believe in Santa Paws?

Watch the adorable Santa Paws in the video below: