When the cat’s away, the mice will play. What happens to dogs when their dog mom is away is what one curious owner wanted to know. She hooked up a video camera and let the fur fly, so to speak. What she discovered on the video is a shining example of what our dogs do when we go out.

Source: YouTube

In just seconds after the owner leaves, the mayhem begins. What sounds like a bevy of fire engines making their way to a scene is actually the two Spaniels howling in unison. “Where oh where are you, Moooooooom?”

Two minutes later, the rambunctious Rovers seem to quiet down, but their ears are ever intent on listening if mom will come back. Of course, this doggy duo can’t resist tossing in the occasional howl and whimper as they peek out the door. “Come back, Mom,” they seem to beckon.

At the five minute mark, all bets are off and the cuteness explosion begins. We’re talking a mega cuddle puddle, folks, complete with the two dogs cozied up in prime position for the moment their mom returns.

Source: YouTube

How long did they actually wait? According to their owner, they remained in that same snuggly watchful position until her return. Talk about loyal devotion!

You’ve got to see (and hear) these dogs to believe it in this video. Get ready to smile and gush.