It’s heartbreaking when we realize just how many dogs sit in shelters, unwanted. As dog lovers (and animal lovers in general), we wish we could save them all. For one YouTuber, named Rocky Kanaka, he does his part by giving unwanted shelter dogs a ‘Dog’s Day Out’.

The entire day is focused on whatever Rocky believes will make that dog happy. Rocky then airs it on his YouTube channel (with a massive following), hoping the dog will, in turn, get adopted.

When Rocky heard about King, a 12-year-old special needs dog, he knew he had to step in.

King has three legs but is still very mobile. King was abandoned by his owner and was living on the streets. He was then struck by a car, leaving him as an amputee. Adopters hadn’t shown any interest in King, whether it’s because of his age, his three legs, or both.

Rocky decides a shopping spree at the local pet store would be heaven for King. He vowed to buy the dog everything he touched. Like, literally everything!

King enters the pet store and is hit hard by all the sights and smells. He’s never been inside a pet store before! And he’s certainly never picked out a toy or had someone go and get something special just for him.

Let’s just say, King has a ball (and buys a few ones to play with too!) King picks out toys and treats. Then, he does the unexpected. He picks out a cat tree! Since King is living at Marley Mutts Rescue, we’re hoping they have some use for the $200 cat tree Rocky now has to buy. If not, I’m sure it’ll be donated and go to excellent use for cats in need. Nice job, King.

When we say that King has the best day ever, we aren’t exaggerating. Rocky Kanaka has a huge heart and is an important advocate in the homeless pet community.

Please take the time to scroll down and watch King get his ‘Dog’s Day Out’. He never stops smiling!


PUPdate: After the story aired, King got adopted! His new mom, Crystal, is head over paws in love with King. And King now has a life he deserves.

If you want to see the follow up to the video where King meets his mom, click here.