With the legalization of marijuana, more and more dogs are gaining access to weed. Sometimes, an animal may find a leftover joint someone threw away or perhaps they sniff it on a walk, the beach, or even in your own neighborhood. However, there is a new way dogs are finding to gain access to marijuana: from human poop.

Veterinarian Scott Dolginow says that dogs come into his Colorado clinic high from marijuana ingestion at least three to 10 times per week.

Source: Scott Beale/Flickr

“It’s unlikely that many people toss an edible or a roach on the side of the trail,” he told the Kansas City Star.

Vermont dog owner Liz Robert reports her dog, three-year-old Australian Shepherd, Zuheros, got high after consuming human poop containing marijuana while on a hike. The dog was rushed to the vet, where he began vomiting what appeared to be feces.

The diligent woman went back to the trail and told media she “found human feces with Subway napkins and all — so there was no disputing what it was.”

Source: Green Mountain Pet Professionals/Facebook

She put up signs along the trail to warn other hikers of the dangers to their dogs.

Another dog got high after eating the feces of homeless folks. That fecal matter contained marijuana, so the dog got high and sick.

Source: Green Mountain Pet Professionals/Facebook

If your pets are inclined to consume feces, keep a close eye on them to avoid this potentially lethal situation. If your dog acts lethargic, loses coordination, has dilated pupils, becomes incontinent, or otherwise acts out of character, be sure to seek immediate veterinary care.