Dogs truly understand what it means to be loyal. Whether we are in need of affection or protection, our dogs rarely hesitate to be there for us when we need them most.

One man, who has had a hard life, didn’t have a soul he could count on. He lived on the streets and often sought solace at the bottom of a bottle. His alcoholism only created more problems but regardless of his addiction and how others judged him, a pack of homeless dogs became his loyal companions.

Passersby reported that he would feed the dogs before he would feed himself. He went without so they could have what they needed. He slept beside the pack, forming an even tighter bond.

One day, the man drank too much and while crossing the street, he passed out. While lying in the road, cars and trucks had a hard time navigating passed him. So, people came over and tried to get him up so he wouldn’t get hurt. But the dogs felt these people were a threat to him. They did not like the idea of them touching their human.

The dogs stood over their master and barked and growled at everyone who came near. They did not bite anyone. They weren’t unnecessarily aggressive. To them, their human was sick and it was their job to make sure he was protected.

For as long as it took, the dogs watched over the man. Then, when he came to and was ready to rise up on his own, the dogs tugged on his shirt and tried to help him over to the sidewalk. The man stood and walked to the curb and sat down. The dogs then stood beside him. Their commitment never wavered and never will.

The video is proof, yet again, that dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet. See for yourself by scrolling down and pressing play!