Anyone who’s ever had a sibling knows what it feels like to be ratted on by their own brother or sister. Apparently, this behavior happens among dogs too.

It begins when mom comes home one day to find a mess on the floor. She immediately gathers her 3 dogs – Cody, Murphy, and Maggie – and begins her investigation. She begins by asking them “Who made this mess?”



Cody and Murphy crack almost immediately, turning their heads towards poor Maggie. Maggie can’t believe it! She’s been betrayed by her own brothers!

Mom asks each of them individually just to make sure, “Who made this mess?” As mom finishes with Cody and Murphy, and turns to Maggie, Maggie knows she’s been caught.



Maggie gets pissed off with her brothers, and having been found guilty by mom, she gets pissed off with the whole situation and walks off into her room, just like a teenager! How adorable!

Click the video below to watch this hilarious betrayal among siblings!