Big Dog Ranch Rescue experienced their own miracle this past Friday– a full month after Hurricane Dorian devastated much of the Bahamas.

Rescuers found a puppy still alive buried in the rubble of a collapsed building. Using a drone with infrared technology, the body of the pup, now aptly named “Miracle” was seen trapped beneath broken glass, an airconditioning unit, and debris.



The miracle puppy survived on only rainwater. He was so thin that he looked like a skeleton. He wasn’t able to walk on his own from starvation. But despite all he had been through and how weak he was, he still wagged his tail when he saw the rescuers.



Chase Scott, the spokesperson from Big Dog Ranch Rescue, told CNN that they’re expecting Miracle to make a full recovery once he receives proper medical care and emotional support.


Source: CNN


“Miracle will be up for adoption following recovery, unless his owners claim him,” said Scott. “We have reunited some families who lost everything with their pets who they thought had died or were separated from them during evacuation and it gives them new hope.”


Source: CNN


Hurricane Dorian killed dozens of people in the Bahamas and many are still missing. Due to mass emergency evacuations, many pets were left behind. To date, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has saved 139 dogs and is hoping to rescue more. We applaud their efforts! And are beyond elated that Miracle was found alive.

To watch Miracle’s rescue, scroll down and press play. The video is amazing! After so much devastation, this ‘Miracle’ was exactly what was needed!