A dog, named Doris, that was solely used for breeding was found all alone in a field by a caring woman. After Doris had several litters of puppies for “her master,” she was deemed worthless at her advancing age. Her heartless owner left her, as if she was garbage, to either starve or die of the cold.

Doris curled up as tightly as she could to stay warm. She was left with a bowl, now empty, and a dirty bed. She showed signs of overbreeding. The woman that found Doris contacted Howl Of A Dog and asked for their help. The woman waited for rescuers to show but until then, she took excellent care of her. Doris was famished. As she took her first bites of food, her eyes lit up.

The poor girl didn’t even have the energy to stand up. Her body had used all it had to keep her warm and alive. The kind woman fed her by hand and then made arrangements to take her home until rescuers could pick her up.

Doris was well-cared for. By the time rescuers arrived, they knew she was sick but at least in better spirits. It was time to have her checked out by a veterinarian. Her exam revealed a large tumor inside her ear. Blood work also showed that her kidneys were not functioning properly. The poor girl also had liver issues and mammary tumors.

Despite all of her challenges, Doris made an excellent patient. She loved to smile at the vet staff and her other human friends. As Doris regained some strength, they took her for a walk and noticed her gait was off. More tests revealed additional bad news. She also has spine degeneration. This poor girl can’t catch a break.

Her new human friends didn’t think things could get much worse for Doris but then they learned she is also deaf. How would this 8-year-old dog find a new home? Everyone was concerned. But again, despite everything, this sweet girl continued to smile and wow her rescuers. Doris is happy to have new friends that show her kindness. It makes everyone wonder if she had been shown kindness before.

With love and patience, Doris starts a new chapter. Wait until you see what is possible when giving up is not an option!

Doris still needs a forever home. Let’s do our part and share her story. This girl deserves her happily ever after! For more info on Doris and her adoption, click here! To see her rescue and story, scroll down. Thank you to the kind woman who found her and to Howl Of A Dog for their amazing work!