Erica Drieselman’s dogs were out playing in their Denison, Texas, fenced-in yard as they always did. When one of them went missing, surveillance footage revealed horrifying news.

A white SUV pulled up to the family’s home, a man exited the vehicle, picked up Jack the dog near the fence border, and drove away, leaving the other pooch behind.

Source: KXII

“I said this is not a joke, this is not a sick joke. I’ve got two little girls in the car, we want our dog,” shared Erica.

The frantic family did everything in their power to get Jack back, including making a video of their daughter asking for the return of the beloved dog. They also offered a $300 reward.

Source: KXII

Despite searching the shelter, vet offices, and hanging up flyers around town, there was no sign of Jack. One day, Erica received a call and a series of mysterious text messages. The person asked if there was a reward, how much, and he informed Erica he was holding the dog for ransom.

Amazingly, the SUV returned, a man rolled down his window, handed Erica her long lost dog, took the $300 and drove away.

Source: KXII

“They rolled the window down, handed me Jack and I just handed them the money. I was just crying. I was just glad to have him back,” Erica reported.

The family does not plan to press any charges. More about this alarming story can be seen by pressing play on the video below.