Drones are becoming more and more popular and with that, laws are having a tough time keeping up. Mostly, drones are used for enjoyment and do not pose a threat. But every now and then we come across a story like this one and it makes us wonder what exactly goes on inside the mind of a person like this…

One man thought it would be hilarious to use his drone to harass his neighbor’s innocent dog. The drone’s  owner thought it was his right to fly his drone wherever he wanted since no one “owns the air.” So he would fly his drone close to his neighbor’s dog and tease him. He tormented other neighbors as well.



The dog’s owner called the police and asked them to intervene. They agreed and issued a warning to the man to stop bothering the dog. But the man continued to taunt the poor pooch with his drone.

Then one day, the dog had enough! He caught the drone in his mouth and ripped it to shreds. The drone’s owner flipped out and asked the dog’s owner to replace the darn thing. He refused. The man then took the dog’s owner to court. He was so sure the law would be on his side since it was his property that was damaged. Boy, was he wrong!



The dog’s owner came to court prepared! He showed the judge all of the medical bills associated with the drone owner’s cruel behavior, including his dog’s dental exams and x-rays for being forced to tear the thing apart. The poor dog’s mental suffering was also well documented, as were the photos of the man’s property.

The judge decided that the drone owner should pay $2,000 in restitution and cover all medical bills. He also handed the man over to the FAA for investigation for the possession of an unregistered drone.

You can read the actual account below, thanks to Reddit.

*Warning: Explicit language used, but nothing you can’t handle 😉


Source: Reddit

Gotta love payback! Especially when the dog wins!