During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have been quarantining themselves and practicing social distancing.

While people all over the world are stuck in their homes, their pets still need to go outside to use the bathroom and get fresh air.

But one man in Greece decided to take social distancing to a whole new level.

Vakis Demetriou, of Cyprus, Greece, took his dog for a walk using a drone.

He posted a video of the walk on his Facebook, where you can see the tiny dog out for a stroll in the neighborhood, guided by a remote-controlled drone.

The pup trots down the road with a smile on his face, enjoying his walk.

Of course, Demetriou was right there with his dog, and this creative solution should not actually be taken seriously. Demetriou used it as a way to get his message across that although many people are in lockdown, our pets should still receive proper care.

While most places still allow you to go outside, taking your pets for walks is still possible.

“Stay home to be safe, but don’t forget your dog’s happiness,” Demetriou wrote on Facebook.