A country club in Florida sent out a rescue call to Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District about a bunch of ducklings washed away into a storm drain. Apparently, it is a very duckling-thing to happen. The fire crew, having done similar rescues before, immediately rushed to the scene.


Source: Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District/Facebook


When the firefighters saw the storm drain, they were overwhelmed by the depth of it. On top of that, the ducklings were also hard to reach. The mommy and daddy ducks were lurking around the drain, clearly stressed over the fate of their babies.

The firefighters then thought up a brilliant but strenuous plan. They recorded the agitated quacks of the mama duck on a phone and played them to the ducklings. As the ducklings approached the sound, the firefighters swung upside down and carefully scooped them out one by one!


Source: Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District/Facebook


A total of 8 ducklings were saved from the deep drain! The parent ducks hovered around during the entire rescue and finally sighed in relief as they got all their babies back. The duck family happily went away for some waddle-time in the nearby lake. Could they get any cuter?

Click the video below to watch this incredibly cute rescue of the 8 ducklings!