We ache for animals who are struggling to survive. Unfortunately, many countries lack the resources to control overpopulation. Having pets spayed or neutered is a luxury in poorer societies and it is unaffordable to a majority of the residents. Still, people want animals for companionship, to help with farming, and for pest control.

This causes strays to run rampant, and those strays, in turn, mate causing even more homeless animals. It is so hard to keep up with! And some soulless people even dump litters of puppies and kittens– and don’t even care if they survive. This is likely what happened to the puppy in this story. This poor innocent baby was left all alone. Thankfully, an angel was about to intervene.

A little puppy sat all alone, without a friend or mother to care for him. He was spotted near a dumpster by a caring individual who called ‘Dog Rescue Shelter.’ The rescuers didn’t hesitate knowing he could not survive long.

His little adorable face looked up at his new friend. He instantly knew that life was about to get much better! Smart little fella! He looked to be about 6 weeks old.

The rescuer checked around the entire site to make sure there were no other puppies around. He was, in fact, all alone. Can you imagine how scared he must have been? He’s only a baby!

As soon as he was picked up, he knew he was safe. He’s so tiny but very brave!

Next stop: The vet! This baby needed a full workup to make sure he’s okay. They took his vitals and weighed him, then listened to his heart. They then gave him treatment for internal and external parasites. He’s too young for all his shots so he has to be taken to a foster home. This will ensure that he doesn’t give any of the shelter residents anything and they won’t make him sick either.

Now that the little one is safe and sound, they gave him a name– Oscar! He’s doing very well. It’ll be a little while before he can be adopted but the rescue group is accepting applications. You can check out all their available dogs by clicking here! And they adopt out internationally!

PUPdate: Oscar has been adopted! YAY! He will never have to worry about going hungry or being on the mean streets. He will spend the rest of his life being loved, just as he deserves!