When handed a terminal diagnosis, Kathleen Zuidema is like most people, instantly thinking of her family and the impact her loss will have on them. In her case, family means three dogs who count on her each day.

She calls the trio her “Aussie Posse”. Knowing there’s no cure for her lung cancer diagnosis, she wants to be sure the pups will be loved and cared for after she’s gone. So, Kathleen took her cause to Facebook, reaching out to anyone who might be able to help raise Autumn Moon, Moka Luka, and Finnegan. She knew she had to find a home that will take all three of them together. What she didn’t know is just how much others want to help her in this cause.

Her Facebook plea ended up being shared more than 30,000 times! A woman living nearby, Danielle Cochran, heard about Kathleen’s story and walked right on up to her door, like the angel she is, offering to take over where Kathleen needed to leave off with the dogs. All three of them!

It’s not the miracle Kathleen needs to save her own life, but it is the miracle she needed, knowing her dogs will continue to be loved even when she is gone.