Courtney and Ron Gutowski from South Haven are in deep anguish after their 1-year-old dog named Echo was beaten black and blue by a spiteful neighbor. The couple wasn’t at home when this happened, but a witness claims that the neighbor leaned over the fence and used a very thick log to thrash the dog on his head non-stop.

Source: CBS Chicago/YouTube

Echo was very jumpy and trembling in fear after the assault. He was rushed to the vet, where his damaged eye had to be removed. Echo is now only a shadow of his old, playful self. He timidly sits all day beside Courtney, and it just breaks our heart to see his spirit so broken. The vet says he will need at least 6 months to recover.

Courtney believes that this could have been stopped if cops were more attentive to her concerns about the violent neighbor, who had previously attempted to hurt Echo by throwing huge chunks of ice on him. The cops are now investigating Echo’s assault, but have refused to comment any further.

Source: CBS Chicago/YouTube

Echo’s abuse is very disturbing and once again highlights the disgusting attitude some people hold toward innocent pets. We hope this case is investigated properly and the neighbor pays for this heinous crime, if found guilty. Get well soon, Echo, we’re all rooting for you.

Click the video below to watch the details of the neighbor’s attack on Echo.

WARNING: The content of this video may be disturbing for some viewers.