After witnessing their beloved Chihuahua get mauled and killed by two American Bulldog mixes in South Florida, an elderly couple received an unexpected gift.

Miguel and Ada Rojas, both almost 90 years old, were hospitalized after the attack. Miguel had high blood pressure and Ada tried to intervene but wound up needing 100 stitches.

Source: CBS Miami/YouTube

They were both devastated and distraught over the loss of their sweet dog. The day after the horrible incident, a bright moment occurred.

A man watching the news saw the story and decided to donate a Chihuahua puppy to the couple. A local kennel sold it to him for half price to help.

Source: CBS Miami/YouTube

“I am happy and sad,” Miguel said through his tears.

“This dog is going to make us continue to live,” his wife, Ada, shared.

As the couple’s daughter handed them the new pup, she told CBS Miami News that dogs are not animals and that they are family.

Source: CBS Miami/YouTube

“If someone came and offered me a million dollars, we don’t want it,” she reported. “This is what we want. This is unconditional love and therapeutic for my parents. I am already a winner.”

Authorities say the male dog has a microchip, but the female who actually killed the dog does not and the owner has not come forward. They will remain in a quarantine period.

Our hearts go out to the elderly couple and our gratitude to those who are helping ease their pain.