Rescue dogs sometimes have a hard time forgetting their harsh past and adjusting to a shelter. Elmo was no different. This Pit Bull, along with another dog, was rescued by Animal Control from bad owners who left them in the yard all day and didn’t take much care of them.



Although Elmo’s buddy got adopted soon after, Elmo was being passed over because of his somber mood. It wasn’t his fault though. He had lost all meaning and hope in life. He didn’t see any value in himself because nobody had cared for him or loved him in his entire life.



KC Rescue Project, the shelter at which Elmo was housed, decided to try something to change that. Linda Smith, a rescuer at the shelter, took Elmo out on their annual Furlough Day– a day when the shelter takes their dogs out into the city and shows them a great time. One of the main purposes of Furlough Day is to help these dogs meet potential adopters so they can get a forever home too.



Linda took Elmo on a tour of the city. He made loads of new friends, and in between all the sightseeing, he got to play on the grass to his heart’s content and visited a hairdresser and a coffee shop. Linda was delighted to see the biggest smile plastered on Elmo’s face all through the day. It was the first time any of them had seen him being even the slightest bit happy.



Linda was so moved, she just couldn’t stop hugging Elmo. After the day-long fun, Linda posted the day’s photos on Facebook and people from far and wide fell in love with Elmo. One couple even drove five hours because they were completely in love with Elmo and wanted to adopt him and make him this happy every single day.

We’re so glad Elmo now has a loving forever home and won’t be sad or neglected again.