Erica Folk, of San Leon, Texas, has been arrested for animal cruelty and sentenced to four years in prison after she beat her landlords puppy to death with a baseball bat.

When officers were dispatched to her home, they found the three-month-old puppy by Folk’s bed unresponsive except for some labored breathing and panting, as well as with a crushed skull and “blood oozing from the animal’s ears and nose.”

The puppy belonged to Folk’s landlord and had wandered into her home. That’s when she took a baseball bat and started hitting the innocent puppy.

Folk blames the attack on drugs and admits to having used methamphetamine and heroin just minutes before she beat the puppy.

During her hearing, Folk testified that she was working toward stopping her drug use and the she felt “ashamed of her actions and stated she was not herself when she killed the dog.”

In addition to her drug use, Folk says she was also suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia at the time of the attack.