Dogs are very intelligent animals and just because they do naughty things sometimes, doesn’t mean they don’t know it’s wrong.

Just like children, dogs can get into some trouble, but oftentimes they know when their humans are mad at them.

This naughty yellow Labrador Retriever, named Ettore, has done something he wasn’t supposed to. When his owner, Antonio Frederica Granai, of Italy, begins scolding him, Ettore immediately has a face filled with guilty.

Just by the look on his face, it’s easy to tell that Ettore knows that what he did was wrong and immediately regrets it.

While his human is still scolding him, Ettore jumps up and puts both of his paws on Granai’s shoulders as if he’s trying to give him a hug. He then looks up at him with sad puppy dog eyes that would make any owner immediately forgive their pooch.

Ettore places his head against his dad’s chest, asking for forgiveness. Granai finally accepts and gives him a big warm embrace in return.

Dogs very loving and loyal animals toward their humans, so it’s hard not to forgive them for making a mistake every now and then!

Watch Ettore’s heart-warming apology in the video below: